Gina Bradley

Captain Gina Bradley

Captain Gina Bradley’s Logbook

Most of my friends simply call me Gina Bradley, but many have appended the “Captain” over the years for fun.  Hello, I’m the wife of a Charter Fishing Captain that books his fishing trips and manages to squeeze in a few eco-tours on my own.  I generally take people out for trips on the Banana River lagoon to look at the manatees, alligators, dolphins and much of the bird and wildlife that we have in the area.

Most of my week involves keeping our main business and focus on our family business, Lagooner Fishing Guides and occasionally taking a few non-fishing  eco-tours.  I’ve learned a lot about our wildlife since I was born and raised on Merritt Island and Cocoa Beach which is adjacent to our beautiful Banana River, Indian River and Mosquito Lagoons.

The life and times of Gina Bradley consist of sharing times with my family and friends on the waters around Brevard County observing manatees and watching the dolphin roll in the smooth waters of our shallow intracoastal waterways.  Backdropped with NASA and Port Canaveral, the pristine briny waters have the VAB or Vehicle Assembly Building and several launch pads for both commercial and private rocket launches nearby.  I often take people to watch launches and enjoy a couple of hours waiting for the event

The Bradley Family

Captain Gina’s other responsibilities include raising two daughters and a husband that thinks he’s still a teen.  Making sure lunches are made, kids are dropped off at school and getting Capt. Richard shoved off toward the fishing destination of the day is routine for my family.  We ALWAYS make it home on time to share a meal around the supper table and share stories about what we did at school or on the water.  Dad usually steals the show with a big fish story and then it’s time to make last minute adjustments for the next adventure for the Bradley family.

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