The Banana River


Being born and raised in the small town of Merritt Island, Florida there were actually big things going on around us.  My parents moved here in the late 50’s as my dad was an electrial engineer for NASA being a huge part of the early years of putting a man on the moon.
As I grew up with seven kids in our family and going from elementary school to high school with so many of the same friends, life on the Island is full of great memories.  We were always outdoors playing hard until we were called in for dinner and then again for bedtime.

After high school I took a full-time job while attending community college and then met my hubby, Richard, at First Baptist Church of Merritt Island after he had returned from college.  We were married in 1990 and that’s when our crazy adventure began.

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Our young family

I was twenty-three when we were married and just three years later our first daughter, Savannah was born.  Several years of pure bliss with our precious girl and then six years later God blessed our lives with the little sister, Savannah had prayed so hard for, Mekenzie.  With the great bundle of joy God bestowed upon us, our life continued to grow as we were raising our girls and starting our own family traditions while making lasting memories early on.

Our kids have never stopped us from having fun together or as a family, we still managed to be on the go and of course our kids knew how to swim well by the time they were a year and half, hold a fishing rod and enjoy the ocean as much as we did.

Juniper Springs girls

Relaxing at Juniper Springs

Over the years traveling to Man-O-War Cay in the Abacos, fishing, diving and snorkeling, camping , riding bikes, rollerblading to skiing in Coloardo are some of our favorite activities away from home.  While we spend many days on the water fishing or surfing, we just love being outdoors.

Lagooner Fishing Charters

Flyfishing for Redfish aboard the Lagooner

Richard and I have always run our own business, Lagooner Fishing Charters, and spend a lot of time together.  Being a charter captain, Richard does enjoy his passion but not only is it about fishing it’s about meeting new and different people everyday and keeping a business thriving.  As I have had the opportunity to stay at home while raising our girls I also make sure our business is up and running each day by booking trips, marketing and talking with hundreds of people each week.

Please continue to read a little about our lives, the man I love, Richard Bradley and our two girls, Savannah and Mekenzie.

Surfing in Satellite Beach

Richard and the girls a day of surfing

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